NZ Modern School of Music Aoraki/Waitaki/Hakatere

For lessons in drums, piano, keyboard, guitar, recorder and more! Mid-South Canterbury and beyond.

Bring your musical talents to life with fun and creative one-to-one music tutoring for children and adults.

NZ Modern School of Music has provides Kiwis of all ages with a fun, modern approach to learning music.

Learn to play any instrument of your choice

With a variety of competitions and exams available but not mandatory, the NZ Modern School of Music offers everything you need to play the instrument of your choice and more, for the cello, accordion, guitar, piano, drums and recorder.

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We provide effective music tutoring because our teachers are passionate about their job and passing down their musical expertise while also encouraging students to have fun and develop their own style.

Take part in competitions and exams

Learn every aspect of playing music, including theory such as reading and writing music, and practical such as improvisation and playing by ear. We also offer our students the chance to participate in exams and competitions.