NZ Modern School of Music Aoraki/Waitaki/Hakatere

Canterbury based music lessons for a variety of instruments including keyboard, guitar, drums and more.

Bring your musical talents to life with fun and creative one-to-one music tutoring for children and adults.

Teaching Kiwis across the nation an appreciation of music, while guiding their ability to develop their skills.

Want to learn to play a musical instrument?

No matter what you want to learn, whether it be the drums, cello, recorder, guitar, piano or even the accordion, NZ Modern School of Music Aoraki can teach anyone with fun, creative lessons. Competitions and exams are optional.

Music teachers available across Canterbury

The Canterbury based music teachers are dedicated to guiding in their development of their music skills, making lessons fun and practical while also introducing improvisation and more.

Put your musical talents to use with exams and competitions

You will be taught both practical and music theory skills to allow you to read and write your own music, and opportunities to showcase your talents through competitions or exams if you would like to.


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